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Friday, December 11, 2009

Xunlei (迅雷) Free Download Manager

Xunlei (Chinese: 迅雷; pinyin: Xùnléi; which means "swift thunder"), is a download manager and bittorrent client developed by Xunlei corporation. Xunlei is the most commonly used bittorrent client, due to its popularity in China.

Xunlei download manager, generally called Xunlei, is the flagship product of Xunlei Corporation. With its core technology of P2SP data transfer engine, Xunlei expands its advantage from downloading to multiple fields. Now, Xunlei Kankan, an independent video-on-demand product providing DVD quality videos is very popular. Gougou search engine which provides multimedia search is the fourth biggest search engine in China. Other supplementary products range from local Media Player to Software Assistant. In Baidu's Top List of Software Search, Xunlei and Xunlei Kankan generally hold 2 of the top 3 most popular software.

Xunlei Homepage : Click here
Download Xunlei : Click here

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